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An unusual love story: The gold-digger and the old man

In real life, gold-diggers stay winning when it comes to the wealth and affection of the person they leach off. But despite all that, there are rare situations when the so-called gold-digger changes for the better.

Case in point – you might want to check out the unusual love story of 23-year-old teacher Anna Fuller and 47-year-old accountant Rob Hunter.

Based on the narrative, the romantic couple first met at a bar. At first, Fuller was just after his money.

“At first, it was all about the money for me. As I was a young teenager who grows up in a pretty low-class family and I was used to being spoiled and getting whatever, I wanted. Regardless, so in my head, the thought of an older man with security fir the bill. No pun intended.”

But, in the turnout of the event, Fuller eventually fell head over heels for him. According to her, she found the acceptance, security, and unconditional love she always carved from the “musty” old man.

“After getting to know him, I decided I has serious feeling for him too and I think it was mainly because he let me be the loud, obnoxious teenager I was and accepted that about me; dealing with all my issues and problems like they were his.”

Given that she was a notorious gold-digger before, her family, who she expected to understand her, was the first people to judge her.

“At first my family lost their minds. They were livid and the only person I had that accepted us from the start was my grandmother and she [REDACTED] [REDACTED] in January 2016.”

As it turned out, her family wasn’t supportive of their unlikely romantic relationship. But despite all that, Fuller and Hunter still managed to end up being together.

In the end, the romantic couple is currently living happily together.

“The younger spouse isn’t always in it for the money. There are a lot of other factors and situations that play out that make the money not worth it. If a partner has more money, that is not always the case.”

Source: readersportaltoday


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