Kris Aquino says she is okay if Bimby wants to reconcile with James Yap

Despite the growing animosity between Kris Aquino and her ex-husband, James Yap, the “Queen of All Media” said she will not prevent her son Bimby from reconciling with his father should he wish to do so.

Last Sunday, June 17, Kris went live on Facebook with Bimby for a Father’s Day greeting. According to the celebrity mom, she wants Bimby to mend his relationship with his dad, but only when he is ready.

Kris said:

“When the time comes you are actually ready, please don’t ever feel na si Mama ang nagpe-prevent sayo. Don’t feel na I’m the one…it’s out of loyalty for me or anything like that because your Mama is ready…I’m okay.”

The Queen of All Media added that Bimby is lucky to still have his father around. However, she said it is now up to James if he wants to reach out to his son.

Meanwhile, Bimb was adamant that he doesn’t want to be the one to make amends with his dad. He then asked his mom what her proudest moment of him was, to which the latter answered:

“So I was asking you, something we could do privately, a Father’s Day video that I wanted to send your dad, and I knew you did it because I asked you, because I really want peace but I also saw how much you couldn’t handle it after so it will come, okay. And that was my proudest moment because you tried and as far as mama is concerned, the very fact that you tried is more than enough.”

Watch the video below:

Ngayon patas na tayo, hindi na ko pwedeng ma-accuse ng power tripping. NANAHIMIK ako for so LONG- even when you crossed the line when promoting that bar you are part owner of- nagsalita ka & nasa PEP yung video na napanuod ni Bimb mismo “nakakawalang ganang mag effort na magpaka tatay kay Bimb kasi hindi naman appreciated.” UTANG NA LOOB… flashback 2013- trying hard kang umiyak (i say trying hard kasi walang luha, puro uhog lang) sa interview mo sa TV Patrol dahil “pinagkakait” ko si Bimb sa yo… Ay oo nga pala, of course pinagaksayahan mo sya ng panahon 5 years ago- kasi nasa Malacañang pa ang Tito nya… Nung tinanong ka bakit hindi ka na nag share sa tuition ni Bimb ang “excuse” mo dahil hindi ka na consult nung ililipat sya ng school… Sinunod ko yung annulment compromise financial agreement of 2011 w/c gave you millions; 2014 tayo pumirma ng compromise child support, once ka lang nag abot ng half mo pang education ni Bimb- after the signing. When Bimb saw the post na BINASTOS sya na “baklain” sya, he shrugged it off & said: “Mom- who cares? My own biological dad said that about me in court & he’s said it so many other times?” Nanahimik pa rin ako about that kasi feeling ko- wag mo kaming guluhin, peaceful tayo… Eh humirit ka w/ your birthday post. So bakit nga ba hindi kayo nagkikita? Ganito ka simple- wala ka nang pakinabang kay Bimb. Wala na kasi kaming “power” so bakit ka pa didikit? Madali kung gusto mo. Ang kapatid mo ka Facebook si Bincai. Yung napakabait na pamilya from Iloilo na parang 2nd family mo ay hanggang ngayon ka close ni Ate at Pinky… you are missing out on experiencing what a caring, generous, polite & lovable boy Bimb is- and it is your LOSS. I am ready to be bashed for washing our dirty laundry (of course w/ Ariel Antibac w/ the power of Safeguard) on IG BUT this mother has had it w/ half truths & hypocrisy & she needed to make a stand for truth. #lookwhatyoumademedo

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