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Balut Vendor shuts down a networker who offered him an ‘easy method’ to get rich

Poverty is one of the biggest issues plaguing the Philippines today. Many people find it difficult to provide their families even the most basic of needs. This is why many turns to quick-rich schemes in the hope of getting themselves out of their dismal situation. But this balut vendor isn’t going to fall for a networker’s easy-million sales pitch.

When networking, otherwise known as multilevel marketing, reached the Philippine shores – countless people relied on it as a source of income. This kind of marketing strategy is used by companies to direct sales by encouraging existing distributors to recruit new ones who will a certain membership fee in exchange for a “substantial” incentive.

One networker tried his luck by messaging a local balut vendor to encourage him to join their business. He said that the vendor’s P6 thousand would bring in more income that what he is earning at the moment. Not surprisingly, the vendor turned down the offer by saying he does not have enough money to spare.

As a rebuttal, the networker said that he is passing up on a great opportunity and that everyone who joins their company rises from poverty. Things took a different turn when the balut vendor asked him how long he has been in the business he was offering.

When the networker answered the balut vendor’s question he was thrown off by his answer. The vendor said that if everyone becomes successful in the networking business, he wouldn’t need to leave his family and work abroad.

The networker tried to save face by saying that not really everyone gets to succeed. To vendor gave the networker a good reality check when he said that he should not drag others to the same business if he knows for himself that not everyone will succeed in it.

He added that many people’s hopes will waster over the networker’s empty promises. He said that despite being “just” a balut vendor many people patronize his product because it was not as unbelievable and expensive as networking. He even offered balut for the networker to buy.


What are your thoughts about networking? Do you agree with the wise balut vendor? Share your answers in the comments below.

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