For our “Pambansang Bae” Alden Richards, there’s no place like home.

After a long and exhausting day, most of us would seek the comfort of our own homes. Nothing’s better than crashing on our beds and waking up to the sound of family talking over breakfast. Apparently, Kapuso royalty Alden Richards thinks this way too.

Did you know that Alden Richards chooses to brave the unbelievable city traffic to go home to Laguna? Yes, you heard that right, the successful actor has a mansion in Laguna while he works in Quezon City.

It’s no joke to travel for a tight two hours on the road to get to work and then back home. However, Alden is sure that he won’t give up this mansion he bought four years ago. It became a special property especially since he added a few renovations that his grandmother Linda would’ve liked.

“Gusto ko ‘yong kusina maluwag, kasi that’s the way she wanted it. Kahit matanda na siya, she’s 80, gusto pa rin niya nagluluto. Gusto niya maaliwalas na kusina, unlike our kitchen before na masikip. That’s the original concept talaga. I want a house where my family can move around freely and comfortably.”

Their house in the South also features a special altar for Alden’s late mother, Rosario Faulkerson. You can tell that this property has a big place in the actor’s heart which is why he’s hesitant to replace it. While Alden knows that he is still going to build a dream home, this house is always going to be a part of his life.

“Moving into the city was never an option. The south will always be home for me.”

Source: pilipinoscoop


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