Heartwarming story of a father and son goes viral

A heartwarming story of a father and son has gone viral on social media. Seemingly a work of fiction posted on the website Inday Trending, it tells the tale of a son who has always been ashamed of his father. That is, until he found out the former’s secret.

Randy never liked his father. He was not like the other dads who could buy his son whatever he wanted, which was why Randy has always had a disdain for him. Not only did he not have a computer, but he also didn’t have nice clothes or a new cellphone because his father couldn’t afford to buy them for him.

To earn a living, Randy’s father sells ice scramble in front the former’s school. This made the young boy angry at his dad.

“Tay, doon ka na lang kasi sa palengke bat ba dito pa kayo?” Randy said.

In response, his father told him, “Mganda ang pwesto rito, mga estudyante ang mahilig sa ice scramble. Nak, nagmeryenda ka na ba?”

Randy said he has eaten already, crassly reminding his father not to talk to him when he is with his friends.

One day, as he got home, Randy saw his father talking to a young woman. She looked just like Randy’s father, which was why he was surprised to find out that his dad had a sister.

It turned out that Randy was not his father’s son, but rather, his sister’s. Despite the fact that he was adopted, his father always treated him like his own, loving and providing for him the best that he can.

From that day on, Randy decided to be a good son to his father.

Note: This story appears to be a work of fiction and remains unverified.

Source: indaytrending


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