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Dog who was trapped underground for five days went home alive and well after being rescued

Being a dog owner has its fair share of amazing moments. These lovely pooches are probably the sweetest and most loyal animals in the world. A loyal dog will stay by your side through thick and thin. But just like any other relationship, being a pet owner is also comes with stress and troubles as these domesticated animals can sometimes fall in very undesirable situations.

Back in 2013, British national Gina Kaiser spent five long days worrying about her Jack Rusell Terrier, Lulu, who was trapped in a pipe below the ground. How he end up there? No one knows.

Lulu had no food whatsoever for the entire week and has only been surviving with the little water available in the pipes.

With the options running out for Gina and her poor dog, she rented an excavator to dig down and save the little canine. But after seeing her efforts weren’t not getting her anywhere, the local Buckingham firefighters stepped in.

Using the same equipment that Gina was using, the firefighters started digging. It took them six long hours to dig down and finally reach the drainage pipes. In total, they dug up eight feet below the parking lot.

They then cut out a large portion of the pipe. One of the firemen then went in and crawled until he reached the poor Lulu. Tense moments ensued, until the firemen finally surfaced with the Terrier safe in his arms.

Although the incident left the parking lot with a massive hole in the ground and much road construction to do, seeing the little Lulu alive and well in Gina’s grasp was all worth it. She might want to put a leash on that curious dog though, just to be safe.

Source: thegoodfeed


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