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Read how this family gave a single father the best gift on Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is not just for the hardworking mothers out there. We can also agree that it is also for the fathers who single-handedly raise their children.

Just take a look at this inspirational story of a single father below!

Seven years ago, Allan’s wife eloped with a wealthy Japanese man. She allegedly left behind her children with Allan: 2-year-old Janelle and 7-month-old Thomas. According to Allan, he couldn’t accept that his wife chose money over family. For him, he considered their children as his most important treasure.

While begging his wife not to leave, he said:

“Ma, huwag mo naming gawin ito. Paano na kaming tatlo? Ma, si Janelle matitiis mob a na iyak ng iyak? Si Thomas dumedede pa sayo, Ma. Hindi ko kakayanin na mag-isa ito. Maawa ka naman sa amin ng mga bata.”

However, his wife just replied to him and left. She said:

‘Nagsasawa na ako sa mahirap na buhay na ito, Allan. Kapag nadala na ako sa Nakazen, Japan, kukunin ko ang mga bata.”

Fast forward to the present, Janelle is now 9-years-old while Thomas is already 7-years-old. The mother never returned for her children. Regardless, Allan felt this was a blessing in disguise because his children are still under his parental custody.

Admittedly, Allan sometimes felt sad for his children who grew up without a mother.

Then, one day, an unforgettable moment happened. During the celebration of “Mother’s Day”, he received an unexpected letter from Janelle and Thomas.

At first, he felt shy upon opening the letter. As it turned out, his children greeted him.

As seen from the letter, they wrote:

“Happy Mother’s Day, Tatay!”

Allan thought that maybe his children made a mistake. However, Thomas said:

“Sabi po kasi ni teacher… Ang mother daw at nagla-love, nag-aalaga at nagpo-protect sa kids. Hindi nang-iiwan at lagi naming kakampi. Ikaw po iyon tatay.

Overwhelmed by the massage, Allan broke down in tears.

The source did not cite any details regarding the identities of the persons involved in this trending story. Moreover, this means the story may or may not be fictitious in nature.

Source: indaytrending


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