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Netizen narrates the secret pregnancy of her 16-year-old sister

As we all know, there are certain secrets we keep away from our family. Be it serious or petty secrets, the fear of getting scolded, and even humiliated, keeps us from spilling the truth. Case in point – you might want to check out unbelievable story of a netizen who narrated the secret pregnancy of her teenage sister.

According to a trending Facebook post, this female netizen shared how her 16-year-old sister secretly gave birth without their family knowing it.

The shocking revelation happened just earlier this month when she saw her sister inside their comfort room cradling her newborn.

According to the netizen, she was surprised after discovering that her younger sister managed to keep her pregnancy hidden from their family. Moreover, she even more surprised that her sister managed to give birth by herself.

Here is an excerpt from the now trending Facebook status below:

“Nung nasa loob ng CR ang 16years old kong kapatid punong puno ng dugo ang sahig sa CR. Dinahilan nya pa kay mama na 2 months na daw syang Di nagkakaron (menstruation). Baba taas si mama nun, nung huli nyang pasok sa CR nakita na nyang may hawak na baby si JD(kapatid ko)”

Upon discovering the alarming situation, everyone in their home immediately panicked. In fact, their father even helped the newborn child to take its first breath by slapping its backside so it would cry.

Soon, the family brought the young mother and the newborn child to the nearest hospital for immediate medical attention. Furthermore, the family even sought legal advice and psychiatric help for the fast recovery of the young mother.

As of this writing, the teenage mother and her newborn child are currently recovering. Remember guys, it’s safer to announce you’re expecting a child rather than keep a secret pregnancy.

Source: pilipinoscoop


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