Then and Now: Do you still remember the “Carrot Man”?

As we all know, social media has the power to make or break the life of a person. Just take this fine young man named Jeyrick Sigmaton – more popularly known as the “Carrot Man” – as an example.

Before he became internet famous, he was just an ordinary man living in the Mountain Province. But because of one netizen – who noticed him, his life changed forever.

So, in February 2016, he became an instant online sensation when his images went trending on social media.

As a result, the vast majority of the netizens began fixing their gaze, and started talking about the “Carrot Man”.

According to the comments of the netizens, he shares an obvious resemblance to Jerry Yan, and Vic Zhou of “Meteor Garden”, as well as Kim Taehyung of Bangtan Boys (BTS).


Soon after he took the internet by storm, he luckily landed a feature on the high-rating magazine show called “Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho.”

Since then, a domino effect of opportunity started coming his way. In fact, he scored numerous television shows on the Kapuso Network.

The so-called “Carrot Man” had an opportunity to appear as a guest celebrity in “Bubble Gang”, “Unang Hirit”, “Sunday PinaSaya” and “Wowowin.”

But despite all that, he eventually became less and less visible to the viewers. As a matter of fact, it’s been awhile since he ignited a conversation on social media.

To give you an update on his whereabouts, Jeyrick Sigmaton is currently studying high school via homeschooling. He is also frequently working out and writes his own Igorot songs during his free time.

Earlier this year, the “Carrot Man” just had his first-ever concert. As of now, he has yet to address if he will be pursuing a career in the showbiz industry soon.

Source: showbizread


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