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Chinese man was livid until he saw the driver who smashed his car

Cars are ridiculously expensive. So basically, almost every car owner would get fired up even by the slightest scratch on their vehicles. So it was expected when one Chinese man grew furious when a Ferrari vehicle collided with his own.

According to reports, the man was driving his white Honda Jazz in Guangdong, China when the red Ferrari behind him smashed into his car’s rear end. In turn, his car also hit the vehicle in front of him.

He immediately got out of the car to assess the damage. Needless to say he went ballistic. At that moment, it wasn’t looking good for the Ferrari driver.

The Chinese man then stomped his way towards the Ferrari and demanded for its driver to come out. But the driver refused. Instead, the driver opted to call the police.

When the officers arrived, they stepped in and asked the Ferrari driver to step out of the vehicle. And when the car door opened, the angered Honda Jazz driver suddenly had a change of heart. He turned calm and kind. The reason why? The Ferrari driver turns out to be a she, who was also breathtakingly beautiful.

In the end, the man forgave the woman after she promised to pay for damages.

Source: showbizread


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