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Remember when a female fan claimed Daniel Padilla asked for her number?

Do you still recall the issue that arose when Daniel Padilla was rumored to have asked for a female fan’s cellphone number? This understandably enraged the colossal ‘KathNiel’ fanbase, most notably its female members. Allow us to refresh your memory.


Rumor had it that the “La Luna Sangre” leading man asked for the mobile number of a particular female fan named Chariss Jedidiah Gusay back in January this year. This was, of course, based on the latter’s lengthy Instagram post and a photo of her with the popular actor. Basically, the female fan narrated how it felt when she personally met Daniel for the first time. She also shared details of their brief chitchat.

“It’s definitely a dream come true for a fangirl like me to be able with him in one place, to have a chance to chat with him for a while, to hug, shake hands & “beso” with him, and of course, to be able to take cute photos and videos with him.”

Simultaneously, Chariss was live-tweeting her once-in-a-lifetime experience. On Twitter, she praised the actor for being a gentleman. As per her narrative, Daniel Padilla took her bag when she became disoriented. She also claimed that the actor embraced her during their meetup.

Indeed, Chariss was blissful… or so she thought.

Amidst feeling euphoric, Chariss began receiving backlash from ‘KathNiel’ supporters. This was after she claimed in a post that Daniel Padilla had asked for her number.

“Okay so nainom ko ng straight yung cocktail ko dahil kinuha ni DJ ang phone number and name ko. YES NAMAN MGA ATE GIRL. BEST DAY EVER FOR A FAN LIKE ME!!!”

A massive number of furious netizens accused Chariss of being a “feelingera” – a Filipino derogatory term that refers to people who are full of themselves.

Nonetheless, Chariss immediately defended herself. She shared in a tweet that she does not have any ulterior motives. She also clarified that she fully ships the ‘KathNiel’ love team.

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